Sustainability is one of the core values of the 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship in Tampere in May.

City of Tampere is committed to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and aims at organizing sustainable World Championships together with the International Ice Hockey Federation.

This page is a summary of what we are doing to put this responsibility agenda into practice.

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1 Communities

  • the City of Tampere aims to build a community-based World Championship for all city residents. The championship hype will be built up throughout the spring with the familiar Home of the Hockey theme and hockey-related special programme. Operators can submit their side events the Home of Hockey calendar and decorate their premises with common decorative materials.
  • as part of the community hockey season, the city will provide access to the Championship games for specific target groups. During the spring, tickets will be available to customers of Lähitori senior service, schoolchildren, target groups of social and health services, customers of family support centers and youth centers, food distribution clients, immigrants, and students.
  • The City of Tampere’s Respect campaign is a reminder of respectful behaviour towards others. A good Championship experience is builds upon respect for all other race participants, residents and the city.
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2 Environment

  • The Home of Hockey campaign to encourage the entire city community and hockey fans to keep the Home of Hockey clean during the 2022 Ice hockey world championship. During the Games, the city will increase the level of cleaning of the streets and public toilets and increase the number of litter bins.
  • Sustainable travel to the games will be ensured in Tampere. Nokia Arena’s good location makes it easy to get to the venue on foot, by bike or by public transport. Did you know that your match ticket includes a free public transport pass? The Nysse ticket included in the ticket is available on the day of the match from 6 am to 4 am. Read more: Public Transport Nysse
  • Tampere’s goal is to be a climate neutral city by 2030, and the city’s own ambitious climate neutrality map, with more than 300 measures, shows the way forward. The city is the first in Finland to adopt a climate budget and has also been selected as one of the 100 European pioneering climate-neutral cities. Find out more about the road map: Climate neutal Tampere 2030
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3 Sustainable city

  • In Tampere, World Cup hockey will take place in Europe’s most modern arena, the Nokia Arena. Sustainability has been taken into account from the very beginning of the arena’s construction. The arena, which is 100% digital and uses 100% renewable energy, has been granted ISO 20121 certification. This means that the arena is sustainable from both an environmental and a community responsibility perspective.
    Read more: Nokia Arena / Sustainability
  • The backbone of a successful major event is event security. In Tampere, the security of large-scale events is developed using the latest smart technologies. Find out more: Sure Tampere
  • Our approach is based on Tampere Strategy 2030, which focuses on equal individuals, active communities, climate neutral action and pioneer of the future.
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Tampere City Strategy – The City of Action

Tampere City Strategy
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