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Tampere’s landscapes, delicacies and atmospheres. On this page you can find out our tips on photography and stories from real Tampere perspectives. Visit Tampere’s curated photo bank has a variety of images of our beautiful city under different themes. You can also download World Cup themed images from the photo bank.

The most picturesque places in Tampere

The most picturesque places in Tampere are within walking distance of the centre. Make sure you visit at least these sites:

Pyynikinharju: national landscape and the pride of Tampere

Pyynikinharju, the world’s highest gravel ridge, can be reached from Central Square Keskustori by continuing along the main street Hämeenkatu towards Pirkankatu and Pyynikintori. From the corner of the high school on the edge of Pyynikintori, you can already see forest and the ridge. Climb along the path to the top of the ridge, and then to the Pyynikki observation tower and enjoy the picturesque view of the ridge and lake Pyhäjärvi. The total distance from the Central Square to the observation tower is about 2 km.

Ranta-Tampella and Finlayson area: discovering development and history

Located on the shores of lake Näsijärvi, the Ranta-Tampella area is easily accessible from the Central Square Keskustori, through the old Finlayson factory area. The total walking distance is about 1.2 km.

Along the walk, you can capture both the new and developing silhouette of the city and some old factory buildings of the Finlayson area. The national landscape of the Tammerkoski rapids and historical red brick buildings make the most famous industrial urban landscape in Finland. Ranta-Tampella is characterized by its recreation areas as well as the canals and bridges built between the buildings.

You can also get a bird’s-eye view of Tampere at its many sightseeing spots. Find out more about the sights on the Visit Tampere website.

Two people observing the view from Pyynikki observatio tower.

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Local specialities

Get familiar with these local specialities!

Kesäkeidas Summer Terrace Restaurants at the Central Square

Kesäkeidas is an open-air lounge serving delicacies from 8 restaurants in the city centre. Take a seat on the terrace, explore the delicacies of the restaurants and marvel at the buzz of people during the ice hockey world championships.

People watching a icehockey game at the Kesäkeidas summer terrace restaurants.

Kesäkeidas Summer Terrace Restaurants at the Central Square

To the Kesäkeidas!

Saunas and relaxation in the heart of the city

Tampere is the sauna capital of the world as it has more public saunas in its area than any other place. You can even visit a sauna with lake access right in the city centre. You can find a list of the saunas in the Tampere region on Visit Tampere website.

Atmosphere and delicacies in historic market hall Kauppahalli

Over 120-year-old Kauppahalli is the largest indoor market hall in the Nordic countries. Step through the archway at the edge of the Central Square, open the door and you are in Kauppahalli. Discover the relaxed atmosphere of the market hall and the culinary specialities of Tampere – black Finnish blood sausage mustamakkara, fish from the local lakes, or cakes and fresh bread baked in the same building.

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Hockey fans on their way to the Nokia arena

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