Tickets to the Ice Hockey World Championship played in Tampere include free Tampere Regional Transport tickets

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The 2022 men’s Ice Hockey World Championship will be played on 13–29 May in Tampere and Helsinki. Sustainability is one of the event’s values. We want to emphasise visible and effective acts of sustainability while organizing and implementing the event. One significant act of sustainability is the location of the event arenas: they are easily accessible with public transportation. The City of Tampere has made a major sustainability act by including free Tampere Regional Transport tickets in the game tickets.

Everyone who has a day ticket to the games played in Tampere can use Tampere Regional Transport for free on the day of the game. Nysse and VR make it possible for people to use their game tickets on buses, trams and even local trains. The free public transport ticket is included in the game ticket and is valid on the date shown on the game ticket in all zones from 6 am until 4 am the next day. The barcode on the game ticket must be shown to the ticket device whenever boarding a bus or tram. When using a train, the game ticket must be shown to the ticket device located on the platform.

The aim of the combined public transport ticket and game ticket is to ensure that spectators arrive at the venue using public transportation. The games are played in Nokia Arena, which is located in the centre of Tampere and has good transport connections. You can reach the arena easily by walking, cycling or public transportation. The arena is located along tram and bus routes and is only 600 metres from Tampere’s train and bus stations. Tampere–Pirkkala Airport is 16 kilometres from the arena.

“The City of Tampere has committed itself to promoting sustainable development, which is why we want to take environmental issues into account when organizing events. It is important for us to consider equality and environmental issues and we want our actions to be sustainable and show that we care,” says Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, Mayor of Tampere.

“One of the values of 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship is sustainability. This is a substantial sustainability act from the City of Tampere. Ice hockey fans can take the free regional transportation into account already now when making their travel plans. The games played in Tampere have already been very popular. I believe this will create even more interest so now is the time to participate in the ticket draw as there are few days left to participate”, says Heikki Hietanen, General Secretary of 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship.

Tampere’s objective is to become a carbon neutral city by 2030. Currently, about one quarter of Tampere’s climate emissions consist of traffic emissions. A study commissioned by the Finnish Hockey League showed that more than 60 per cent of the climate effects of ice hockey games is caused by spectators’ travel emissions. Increasing the ease and attractiveness of public transport as well as bicycle and pedestrian traffic is a central method of affecting spectators’ mobility habits and making them more sustainable. It also advances the equality and safety of mobility.

For the first time, the right to buy tickets to games played in Tampere will be drawn. The draw includes all games played in Tampere. You can win the right to purchase day tickets to the games by participating in the ticket draw. You can participate in the ticket draw until the 26 September. In addition to Finland, also the USA, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Latvia, Norway, Belarus and Great Britain will participate in the preliminary round games in Tampere. Also, two quarter-finals, the semi-finals as well as the bronze and final matches will take place in Tampere.

You can participate in the ticket draw at IIHF website:

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Director City of Tampere, Public Transport
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Director of Major Events, City of Tampere
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