Road access restrictions during the Ice Hockey World Championships 12–28 May 2023

The Ice Hockey World Championships will be held at the Nokia Arena in Tampere between 12 and 28 May. Tampere will host Group A of the championships, two quarter-final matches, and all remaining matches starting from the semi-finals. Big crowds are expected for all matches so, in order to guarantee a safe and smooth event for all, there will be some traffic restrictions in place for vehicular access in the vicinity of the Arena and in Ratina and Kyttälä. There will also be traffic and parking restrictions in the Pyynikki area and around the Central Square. 

One change since last year is that Tuomiokirkonkatu will not be turned into a pedestrian area between Otavalankatu and Verkatehtaankatu. Due to roadworks, Tuomiokirkonkatu between Suvantokatu and Otavalankatu, and Otavalankatu between Tuomiokirkonkatu and Aleksanterinkatu will be closed to vehicular traffic.

Traffic coming from the direction of Ratina will be restricted at the intersection of Vuolteenkatu and Hatanpään valtatie so that there will be no motor vehicle access from Tampereen valtatie and Hatanpään valtatie via Vuolteenkatu to Sorinsilta Bridge or to Kalevantie, Rautatienkatu and Sorinkatu. There will be vehicular access to Rautatienkatu either through Suvantokatu or Verkatehtaankatu. 

Rautatienkatu will be closed south of Otavalankatu which means that vehicular access to Suvantokatu and to buildings in Rautatienkatu will be possible through Otavalankatu, Tuomiokirkonkatu, Verkatehtaankatu and Aleksanterinkatu.

There will be no vehicular access from the direction of the University to Vuolteenkatu, Sorinkatu and Rautatienkatu. Traffic in Kalevantie will be diverted via Kanslerinrinne to Ratapihankatu. When driving in the direction of Ratina and Hämeenpuisto, we recommend that you take alternative routes via the roundabout at Viinikka. When driving on Kanslerinrinne from the direction of Ratapihankatu, the only direction you are allowed to turn in is towards Kaleva.

In Sorinkatu, the use of motor vehicles is restricted beginning from the intersection of Tampereen valtatie. Resident and maintenance vehicles will have access to the buildings and parking spaces in the street as well as the Arena parking facility with the help of traffic controllers. Access may, however, be prevented for short periods of time when matches are beginning and ending. Access and parking in Sorinkatu will be restricted to safeguard police activity in the vicinity. 

Taxis of visitors using a wheelchair will have access to a separate space in Sorinkatu near the elevators where they can drop off and pick up their customers but access for taxis for the disabled may have to be restricted due to the limited space available for loading and unloading. Those with a disabled parking badge will have a limited number of separate parking spaces available in Sorinkatu and in the adjacent parking facility.

Road closures will begin daily according to the timetable below and end at midnight at the latest.

–    Fri 12 May 12:00–00:00 –    Sat–Sun 13–14 May 10:30–00:00 –    Mon–Fri 15–19 May 14:30–00:00 –    Sat 20 May 10:30–00:00 –    Sun–Mon 21–22 May 14:30–00:00 –    Tue 23 May 10:00–00:00 –    Thu 25 May 14:30–00:00 –    Sat–Sun 27–28 May 12:00–00:00

When the restrictions are in force, the pedestrian and bicycle lane on Sorinsilta Bridge on the Nokia Arena side will only be available to pedestrians.

Any unnecessary movement in the area should also be avoided when the road closures are not in force. The best way to access the Arena area is on foot.

Traffic restrictions in the Pyynikki area

In Pyynikki, some of the parking spaces along Jalkasaarentie will be reserved for the championship organisers. 

Motor vehicle access to Pyynikintie between Palomäentie and Varalankatu will be restricted during weekends as follows:

–    Friday 12, 19 and 26 May 18:00–00:00. –    Saturday 13, 20 and 27 May 00:00–08:00, and 18:00–00:00 –    Sunday 14, 21 and 28 May 00:00–08:00

Resident and maintenance access is allowed during the closures.

Traffic restrictions around the Central Square

On 12 May, a free Home of Hockey area for the whole family will be open in the parking area opposite 18 Aleksis Kiven katu. The area will be open daily until 28 May. 

Building works in the area will start on 9 May when the parking area will be cordoned off at 21:00. The parking area will be returned to use as soon as possible once the championships are over. 

Beginning from that same day, the taxi stand in Puutarhakatu, the charter bus-stop in front of the Old Church and the bus parking spaces in the Central Square will no longer be in use. They will be returned to normal use as soon as possible once the championships are over. 

The Old Church charter bus-stop will be moved to Aleksis Kiven katu where there is only limited space available for multiple buses to stop at the same time. Bus traffic will be diverted to special routes for the duration of the championships. Information on these special routes is available on the Nysse Tampere Regional Transport Company’s website.

A map about the street closures during the 2023 IIHF World Championship

The map shows road closures around the Nokia Arena during the 2023 Ice Hockey World Championships. Click on the image to enlarge it.

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