Respect the Home of Hockey during the Ice Hockey World Championship

On Monday 8 May, the city of Tampere launched Respect Tampere the Home of Hockey campaign to encourage the entire city community and hockey fans to keep the Home of Hockey clean during the 2023 Ice hockey world championship. The goal is also to remind of respectful behavior towards others.

The campaign will run throughout May.

‒ The best competition experience comes from respect for other hockey fans, residents and the city. Respectful behavior is always important, but it is especially emphasized during the Championship, when there are a lot of people on the move and the games can evoke different emotions. The Championship also gives an opportunity to pay special attention to respecting the environment and maintaining the cleanliness of the city, says Saara Saarteinen, Event Manager of Tampere City.

The city provides 129 additional litter bins in the city center and around Nokia Arena. The bins will be emptied daily during the championship, if necessary. The streets will also be brushed every day during the games. Weekend clean-ups started on May Day weekend. Public toilets will be cleaned three times a day during May.

Tampere is investing in cleaning up the city by hiring sustainability agents for the whole summer. The first team of sustainability agents will start work during the World Championship. Their task is to collect rubbish and to make observations and report on cleanliness. They will also be participating in the cleanliness campaign by encouraging citizens to take a responsible approach to environmental cleanliness. 

Everyone’s Home of Hockey

To celebrate the return of World Cup hockey, the City of Tampere aims to build a community-based World Championship for all city residents. The championship hype will be built up throughout the spring with the familiar Home of the Hockey theme and hockey-related special programme. 

As part of the community hockey season, the city has distributed a total of 8 000 tickets to Championship matches to several groups who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the games.

In Tampere, the games will be played at Nokia Arena, which is located in the heart of Tampere and hosts up to 15 000 visitors. Sustainability has been in the core of Nokia Arena from the beginning. Visitors have the opportunity to make sustainable choices at every step of the customer experience.

Free of charge and open to all, the Home of Hockey zone will be open during the Ice Hockey World Championships. The area offers a variety of hockey-themed activities such as crafts, puck launching and competitions. The zone will also show the World Cup games being played in Tampere. The area is located in the immediate vicinity of the Central square Keskustori, between the Kesäkeidas Summer terrace and Frenckell square.

The City of Tampere also organizes a free-of-charge Home of Hockey kickoff party at Frenckell Square on May 10 at 6 pm. The city welcomes everyone to celebrate the homecoming of ice hockey.

The accessibility of the games is also supported by the public transport travel right included in the match ticket. Admission tickets for the matches of the 2023 Men’s World Hockey Championships played in Tampere include the right to travel on public transport Nysse.  

Further information

Saara Saarteinen

Event Manager


040 801 6222

Teemu Kylmäkoski

Work manager


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Text: Ilona Reinikainen
Photos: Tampereen kaupunki