2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship special traffic arrangements from 13 to 29 May

The IIHF 2022 Ice Hockey World Championship Group B games and the final games will be played in Tampere at the Nokia Arena from 13 to 29 May 2022. Large audiences are expected to all events, and to be able to produce a safe event, special arrangements for motor vehicles in particular are needed both in the vicinity of the Arena as well as the Ratina and Kyttälä areas.

It is recommended to avoid unnecessary driving in the areas outside the street closure times as well. The Arena and its vicinity is best accessed by foot.

The intersection of Vuolteenkatu and Hatanpää valtatie from the Ratina direction will be closed. Tampereen valtatie and Hatanpään valtatie to the Sorinsilta bridge in front of the Arena, Kalevantie and Sorinkatu will be closed to motor vehicles. Motor vehicles going to Rautatienkatu can take Suvantokatu or Verkatehtaankatu. Current arrangements have been changed to allow vehicles to drive in both directions on Verkatehtaankatu between Pellavatehtaankatu and Aleksanterinkatu.

Tuomiokirkonkatu will only be accessible to pedestrians between Otavalankatu and Verkatehtaankatu. Only driving for maintenance purposes is allowed in a limited capacity. The current driving direction in Tuomiokirkonkatu between Suvantokatu and Otavalankatu will be reversed. In addition, Suvantokatu will be changed from a bidirectional street into a one-way street from Tuomiokirkonkatu to Rautatienkatu.

The other sections of Tuomiokirkonkatu will remain unaffected during the event.

Rautatienkatu will be closed south from Otavalankatu. Thus, vehicles can access Suvantokatu and the area between the railway and Rautatienkatu by taking Otavalankatu or Tuomiokirkonkatu.

Driving from the University to Vuolteenkatu and Rautatienkatu is prohibited. The traffic from Kalevantie is directed via Kanslerinrinne to Ratapihankatu. Motor vehicles are recommended to take the alternative route via Salhojankatu and Viinikankatu to the Viinikka intersection. When driving in Ratapihankatu, turning to the Kaleva direction only is allowed.

Driving in Sorinkatu is restricted from the Tampereen valtatie intersection onwards. Residents and maintenance are allowed as well as driving into the premises in the area. However, access may be limited temporarily at the beginning and the end of games.

Parking and driving in Sorinkatu will be restricted to safeguard possible police actions. There will be traffic guides in Sorinkatu.

Sumeliuksenkatu will become a one-way street from Kalevantie to Åkerlundinkatu.

Taxis for visitors using wheelchairs will be reserved a separate area close to the elevators in Sorinkatu. However, the access for disabled taxis may be restricted due to limited unloading and loading space. In Sorinkatu and in the neighbouring parking house, there will be a limited number of parking spaces reserved for visitors with disabled parking permit.

You can drive a bicycle in both directions in the streets that have been turned into one-way streets.

The Rantatie parking area in Ratina is reserved for the organising committee.

A map showcasing street closures around the Nokia Arena during the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. Click to enlarge the picture.

Preparations for the street closures will begin according to the following timetable during the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. The closure is valid for the hours given.

Friday 13 May, 11:30 am till midnight
Saturday 14–Sunday 15 May, 10 am till midnight
Monday 16–Friday 20 May, 2 pm till midnight
Saturday 21 May, 10 am till midnight
Sunday 22–Monday 23 May, 2 pm till midnight
Tuesday 24 May, 10 am till midnight
Thursday 26 May, 11:30 am till midnight
Saturday 28– Sunday 29 May, 10 am till midnight

Buses will take alternate routes during the closures. The alternate bus routes can be found at Nysse’s website.


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2022 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Tampere

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